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Dodwell Trust Report and Results 2013

The Dodwell Learning Centre and primary school in Madagascar has continued to try its best and increase the potential of its pupils. As before, every pupil in final year/class T5 passed the state exam.

Enrolment of new pupils: 37 new pupils were enrolled. Attendance was excellent: 97% in T2, 96% in T3, 98% in T4, and 99% in T5 – reflecting the pupils’ desire not to miss anything especially in the final year. The high attendance is also due to our free lunches for pupils, being the only meal that most children will eat in a day since at home they only eat plain rice. Reasons for absence included one child who didn’t come because he had no trousers!

Academic outcomes

It’s noticeable how the beginning of the school year the pupils’ results are less good, by second term they double their effort, and by third term they are producing great results. The exam and test results at end of school year were: 80% pass for class T2, 70% for T3, 83% for T4, while T5 had 96% pass in general tests and 100% in the State Exam.

Our open Library has continued to grow larger and is used by our pupils and the students of the nearby Secondary Schools and the local community.


our part time headmistress retired, and in the interim while looking for a good replacement it was good to see how well the teachers stepped up to handle the responsibilities of administration of the Centre. The new part time head of school started work in September. 
Developments and building at the school in the last year: We completed the construction of a new toilet block and kitchen storage cubicle, together with re-vamping the kitchen facilities. Also a qualified volunteer carried out a detailed survey of the structure of the main building at the Centre which needs some repairs to its roof.


Free lunches and librarian were sponsored for the year.

Playground needed because the children get covered in dust and mud when they play in the yard at break-time. We insist they arrive clean at school, it’s not fair to send them home filthy.

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