Recent projects from donations

New well under construction
Football game

We stretch out our meagre funds – and do what we can. We have no fund-raisers since we do not pay UK salaries. In recent years we have received occasional donations from those who know about our work, and the internet, and we sincerely thank the individuals, groups, schools, companies, charities and NGOs for caring about Madagascar. They are greatly appreciated by our school, learning centre, women’s associations and communities whose projects are brought to life by these donations.

How some recent donations have been used

£20 Wheelbarrow for school veg plot
£75 Half-cost of pupils’ annual educational day out
£150 New pump for school water supply
£180 Laptops for youth association
£190 Children’s desk-benches for classroom
£250 Community football pitch drainage, repair, install goals
£300 School equipment and materials
£300 Training of local women to produce thread from silkworms
£350 Planting a hectare of forest
£700 Tin roof for classroom in rainforest school
£1000 To help provide basic school lunches (towards annual costs)

And other donations which give vital help to ongoing projects

All this has enabled us to give access to learning to hundred's of disadvantaged children and their communities. We welcome all donations as there is still much to be done. You can donate securely online via our 'Donate' page

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