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Sopie and JorelWedding of Volunteers

Two of our volunteers in 2012, Jorel and Sophia, who fell in love in Madagascar, were married in spring 2014. Wishing them much happiness.


Sophia and Jorel's story

My Boyfriend and I set off on our Madagascan adventure in January  2012 and boy what an Adventure it was.  Ampefy was such a magical place, everything we had imagined and more. We had a room in the volunteer’s house with a big balcony overlooking the lake with views that blew us away. Every morning I’d cook some free range eggs and take them out on the balcony, breathe in the fresh air and watch the birds. Everything we had was basic, but you don’t need a lot when the people around you have so little. These’s nothing to compare it to.

We slept on two single beds pushed together with a big mosquito net over us. Yes, every now and then a big cockroach would work its way into my bed and I’d scream, But it all became part of the fun! I learned to toughen up.
After Breakfast my boyfriend would walk down to the school to his first class of little tots. I had quickly discovered I can’t do babies before 8 am. So he took the challenge.  I’d use that time to get stuck into my prep for the older kids. I’d been teaching them sewing. It turns out even teaching something a simple as a running stich meant not only could they mend their clothes, but they learned English too!

I’d walk past his class on the way to mine only to find him dangling some poor kid by his feet. I think they we learning direction ...or something like that. Whichever, the kids were in hysterics.
Ampefy is for the most disadvantaged children in the village. They really need help. We brought a suitcase of English books with us which was such a pain to get there but when we had arrived we wished we’d brought two. We’d highly recommend bringing as much as you can.  It’s so well received.

We visited a few other sights now run by AMI and each one had something really special about it. People are helpful, but you also get a really big lesson in being self-sufficient.  I only wish everyone would volunteer in the world, no matter how little time. Not only is it helping other people but it really makes you a more rounded person.  Its ‘character building’ as my old man would say and it’s one of the best experiences of my life.

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